M.Sc. Human Computer Interaction

Overall grade:
  • pending
  • Industrial Design (TU München) (practical training)
  • Design-Workshop 2 (practical training)
  • Human machine interaction 2 (lecture)
  • Multimedia in the web (lecture)
  • Mobile communication (lecture)
  • Visualisation of information (lecture)
  • Personal and social competence for Master (seminar)
  • 3D modeling with Blender (practical training)
  • Knowledge discovery in databases 1 (lecture)
  • IT management (lecture)
  • Managing massive multiplayer online games (lecture)
  • Development of media systems with Android and iOS (practical training)
  • Geographic information systems (lecture)
  • New trends for search in modern database systems (lecture)
  • Seminar on topics of Computer Science for Master:
    Understanding Users – Implicit Usage Modeling on Smart Mobile Devices
Master Thesis:
  • Personality and Smartphone Use (Development of an Android app for logging user behavior, performing a user study, correlating usage with Big-Five Personality-Settings)